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It's simple, your looking to buy a new surfboard but there are so many to choose from! Hundreds of new models are available to suit different waves, styles and abilities so how do you choose one?


The Board Lab is your answer, if you like the look of a surfboard, try it before you buy it. What could be better?


With loads of different models in stock and more coming in every week, The Board Lab provides test boards to those looking to purchase a new board. You can take a board out for a weekend or for a week from as little as £20 and if you like the board and end up buying one you will get the money back off either the board or a range of extras like tailpads, fin upgrades, leashes or board bags. See our How It Works section for details and prices


You can try as many boards as you like and if after a day or two you don't like the one your riding you get one free swap over to a different model on our mid-week deal.



The Board Lab is not only about testing boards before you buy. You don't have to even pretend to be interested in buying. Maybe your always riding a thruster but you fancy a bash on something different like a twinny or a groveller performance board. Maybe you've got a week off work and the swell is looking small but super clean so you want to cruise around on a hull bottom mid length or a Californian style Mini Simmons.


Think about this... according to a recent study the average surfer surfs around a 100 times a year and usually purchases around 1 board a year. With the average board price around £400–500 this eqautes to about £4–£5 a surf. The Board lab has mid week deals from £20 Monday to Friday – do the maths! You may never buy a board again (but we hope you do!)


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