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If your looking to buy or just hire a board its pretty much the the same deal. The Board Lab runs 2 hire periods Mon-Fri and Friday evening to Monday. Why? The reason is to make life easier for you, every friday or monday ALL the boards will become available, so whether you've got a couple of days off in the week or weekend The Board lab should have something for you!




Mid week deal… Monday – Friday 

Shortboards: £20 or £25 (enables you to swap one board during the hire period).

Longboards: £30 or £35 with swap over.


Weekend Deal… Friday (eve) – Monday

Shortboards: £20 (swap deal can be arranged)

Longboards: £30


Now for the best bit, if your intention is to buy a board and you loved the one you tested, you get the hire price back off the price of the board!! So it works out free to test it! If you can't decide after trying one board (with or without swap) and want to test more you can get this back off a range off accessories like a free tail-pad or leash, money off board bags or fin upgrades. Its a bit like 'points' only much more fun to accumulate.


There are some rules of course...........

1. If its your first visit to the board lab you will need to bring some ID with you in the form of a passport or drivers licience.


2. Deposit 1. If you already surf! lets not break the bank just to test a board. Bring the board your currently riding and leave it as a deposit (crappy boards from your garden shed not accepted!)


3. Deposit 2. If it's your first board! In this case you will have to pay the usual deposit for a new board (£100-150 – depending on the type hired shortboard or mal). If you don't end up buying, you get the deposit back when you return the board minus the hire period charge.


4. Dings. It's the same as if you ding your own board! If it needs to be fixed we will charge a small fee (usually £5 depending on how bad it is of course). We're not here to make money on repairs but from time to time it's gonna happen. Board bags are available at no extra charge.


5. Break/creases/snaps. Honestly, how often do you snap your own boards without going for a reckless manoeuvre? Snapped boards will have to be replaced but we have a couple of options which we'll tell you about that keep the cost right down. You could still walk away with a brand new board more often cheaper than you can buy one at normal RRP.


6. Late fees apply.

The Rules & FAQ's...

Buying or Just Hiring...


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